The Book that Can’t Wait or You Can’t Deal with My Infinite Nature, Can You?

There has been much discussion about the death of the printed word – books, magazines, postcards, letters – all of these are set for execution by the digital guillotine, although Mark Twain would probably say that the demise of print is greatly exaggerated. One interesting experiment has decided to have some fun with the traditional […]

A Roundup of OED Adjective Day

[View the story “OED Adjective Day #OEDAdjective” on Storify] OED Adjective Day #OEDAdjective The Oxford English Dictionary, @OEDOnline, asked followers on twitter to tweet their favorite under-used adjectives. Storified by Mike Carlucci · Sat, Jun 23 2012 12:58:33 Nominate your favourite under-used adjective in a tweet using the hashtag #OEDadjectiveThe OED As someone who keeps […]

The Red Sox Shuffle : Kevin Youkilis, Will Middlebrooks, and Daniel Bard

When Terry Francona was manager, he usually pointed out that worrying about the bench and pinch hitters wasn’t a big concern for the Red Sox because the front office had built an everyday lineup. Players were responsible for one position, with a little background in another for the occasional “banged up” guy who avoided the […]

Arizona Man Sues Google Over Trademark

Since the days of Napster there have been stories about copyright infringement on the internet. Reports of piracy, torrents, using images and photographs without permission are commonplace. Trademark news is less so, but an Arizona man has decided to battle Google over the rights to their name. Jeff John Roberts over at paidContent reports that […]

The Future of Computing or Why I Can’t Wait for the Successor to the iPad

It didn’t happen overnight, but the revolution in computing is on the cusp of taking a very big step forward. The transformation in the way we access data and how we interact with machines has been rapid since the release of the first iPhone. The iPad, and competing Android and WebOS tablets, in addition to […]