Joel Zumaya to have Tommy John Surgery, Done for 2012

Another year, another setback for Joel Zumaya. The flame throwing reliever will undergo Tommy John surgery and miss a second consecutive season due to injury.

Zumaya has been the subject of conversation every year since his spectacular 2006 season. Making his major league debut, Zumaya struck out 97 batters in just 83.1 innings. It would take him nearly three seasons to to record his next 83 innings.

As the injuries piled up, Zumaya’s strikeout rate of 10.5/9 in 2006 fell to just 8.0/9 in 2010, the last time he appeared in a Tigers uniform.

Signing on this year with AL Central rivals, the Minnesota Twins, Zumaya was not in line to close as he had been in Detroit, but was simply another cog in the bullpen machine.

Until his reemergence, if ever, Aroldis Chapman will have to fill the role of “I can’t believe he threw that hard” for radar gun watchers.

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