The Big Road Race

I posted a quote on Facebook from one of my favorite books as a kid: The Berenstein Bears and the Big Road Race. However, something interesting happened:  no one knew where the quote was from and it did not surface in a Google search. This is an idea which calls for more thought in another […]

Joel Zumaya to have Tommy John Surgery, Done for 2012

Another year, another setback for Joel Zumaya. The flame throwing reliever will undergo Tommy John surgery and miss a second consecutive season due to injury. Source says Joel Zumaya will indeed have Tommy John surgery. Still far from certain he’ll try to make another comeback. Such a sad story. — Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) February 26, […]

Apple TV and Gaming

For a man so prolific, complicated, and of course secretive, it should be no surprise that Steve Jobs left behind one quote in his biography which has intrigued readers like no other: “I’ve finally cracked it.” In some way, shape or form Steve Jobs had solved television, Apple’s role in bringing television and the Internet […]

This Time Is Counts: The All-Star Game, the World Series, and You

The 2002 All-Star Game was a baseball game like no other: it ended in a tie after both teams ran out of pitchers in the 11th inning. To spice things up, including viewership, Bud Selig announced a new twist in 2003: the winner of the All-Star Game would determine which leave received home-field advantage during […]