Bowling for Fielder

Before Prince Fielder signed with the Detroit Tigers or the Milwaukee Brewers, there was his father, Cecil Fielder.

There was also a vacation to Cape Cod I took with my family in, I believe, 1990. While my dad had to return to work early, my mother, brother, and I watched the All-Star Game on good old-fashioned over-the-air television.

I say this was “probably” 1990 because while the exact year has long since left my memory to make room for meaningless statistics and trivia on all manner of subjects, this particular All-Star Game had a first: it featured the first All-Star appearance of Cecil Fielder. Of course, he made two other appearances as an All-Star in 1991 and 1993, so this memory could be from one of those years as well.

To cut to the chase, the pitcher (whom I have no memory of whatsoever) was doing his job against the Detroit slugger and the announcer made a comment that has amused me for years. It went something like this:

It’s like he [the pitcher] is bowling as he faces Cecil Fielder.

and his partner responded:

Yes, but Fielder is larger than the average pin.

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