It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With all due respect to the winter holidays this past weekend lays equal claim to this title. Starting on Thursday afternoon, the regular season of Major League Baseball in 2011 began.

Like March Madness or Sunday football, the opening weekend has every team playing game after game after game. Every pitcher starts with an ERA of 0.00 and every batter starts off with an Elvis Andrus-esque home run total (also zero).

For some teams this was a great weekend and for others, not so much. My hometown Red Sox gave up home runs to the Rangers like they were going out of style. The Dodgers however took 3 out of 4 games against their chief rivals in San Francisco, who happened to win the World Series a few months back.

Matt Holliday will soon have one fewer internal organ and the low budget Rays lost perhaps the biggest bargain in the game when Evan Longoria felt pain in his oblique.

But with no team having yet gone through it’s five man pitching rotation, and at worst, in a three game slump, times are good. Even for the Royals.

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