3,000 hits

There was a lot of talk this weekend about Derek Jeter passing Babe Ruth on the career hit list. With 2,874 hits Jeter is well on his way to becoming the Yankees first 3,000 hit player.

It made me wonder: who passed up on Derek Jeter in the draft? I was briefly afraid that my own Boston Red Sox may have had a little spoken of black mark, but thankfully they didn’t even have a first round pick in 1992. The five teams and players who were selected before Jeter:

• Phil Nevin – Houston Astros
• Paul Shuey – Cleveland Indians
• B.J. Wallace – Montreal Expos
• Jeffrey Hammonds – Baltimore Orioles
• Chad Mottola – Cincinnati Reds

Given the sophistication of baseball statistics and the aid of computers these days it’s unlikely Jeter will become a real-life Mr. 3000.

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