“If you live to be one hundred, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.”

George Burns is a bit before my time, I only remember him as being super old and that once he played god in a move I saw parts of when I was really young. 

I realize, for instance, that I have spent nearly my entire life in organized school, with three years between college graduation and law school beginning the only time out of school since I was five. And even then I took a class during the spring semester of 2007.

A number of scientists believe huge advancements in life extension are just over the horizon. Unlocking the secrets of red wine for instance. Some of it is hype, but any advancement would qualify as a breakthrough. We know our cells replace themselves for decades and that over time they replace themselves with less good copies and we age. While I do not expect a magic anti-aging pill, I expect my generation wil be as disappointed in the lack of progress in life extending technology as the generation of my parents is concerning flying cars.

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