It’s after midnight here on the East Coast which mean iPad mania truly is upon us. Unless something changes dramatically during the night, like visits from the ghosts of iPad past, present and future, I will not be opening an iPad later on today. 

However, I’m likely to get in on the second wave this summer. As you can see, law school books are large. While I often need only two of these books on any given day, taking my laptop, two notebooks (more on those in another post – I have a Livescribe), and sometimes a book to read on the train adds up. When I set my backpack in the passenger seat my it weighs enough that my car believes a person is sitting there and has not buckeled up.

The plan is to find out what book I need early enough and then scan them by hand for the iPad. For my purposes at school, the iPad would be able to replace my laptop so I’d be able to eliminate the laptop and textbooks from my daily commute.

Time will tell if the iPad (or maybe one of the copycat slates/tablets) lends itself to this.

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