Today I purchased a bottle of¬†ThinkGeek’s¬†favorite caffeinated beverage: Bawls. Unlike RedBull, I was not given wings. I also did not feel as though I was some kind of steam powered machine with a broken gear ready to explode with energy. The caffeine/energy feeling of Bawls is more like drinking a strong cup of tea. Less jittery than a couple espresso shots, not carbonated like soda. Not bad.

The highlight of the drink is probably the glass bottle. Unlike plastic and aluminum, glass doesn’t tend give a taste to the beverage contained in its walls. Best of all, glass is easily recyclable into…more glass!

Back in the day I would be thrilled to find some blue glass in the sands of Town Neck beach on the Cape. Beach glass was a wonderful thing, brought to us in part by pollution and worn smooth by the waves. My grandmother used to have an enormous jar of beach glass on top of the refrigerator and she’d have us put our findings into the jar as well.

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