A Roundup of OED Adjective Day

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OED Adjective Day #OEDAdjective

The Oxford English Dictionary, @OEDOnline, asked followers on twitter to tweet their favorite under-used adjectives.

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Nominate your favourite under-used adjective in a tweet using the hashtag #OEDadjectiveThe OED
As someone who keeps this on his desk for easy reference, naturally, I followed the #OEDAdjective hashtag intently.
Don’t leave home without itmikecarlucci
There were lots of great entries. I collected a number an pulled them together here, for easy reference and exploration, since twitter itself is an ephemeral resource. A few good words should avoid going back to the underused bin.
@OEDonline #OEDadjective perfunctoryBertrand L. Hasard
@OEDonline #OEDadjective – daft. Love it!!Dionne Nichols
@OEDonline I’m quite fond of "rebarbative". Only seen it much used in G. A. Cohen’s account of Karl Marx’s account of labour. #OEDadjectiveClaire
@OEDonline #oedadjective loquacious!Jacob A. Ratliff
Definition: 1) Talkative. 2) Of birds, water, etc: chattering, babbling. Chiefly poet. “@Gameronomist: @OEDonline #oedadjective loquacious!”The OED
@OEDonline rebarbative #OEDadjectiveYvonne Aburrow
This means repellent; unattractive; objectionable. “@vogelbeere: @OEDonline rebarbative #OEDadjective”The OED
@oedonline "glaucous" (bluish-green) and "numinous" #OEDadjectiveMwncïod
#OEDadjective the circumspect cat looked at the blinking headlights rushing at her and decided to catapult herself across to the other sideMahboob Ahmad
my pick for under-used adjective – Purplish #OEDadjectiveRahul Ricky
RT @tintiddle: @OEDonline nacreous: lustrous or pearly, often used of glass and clouds #OEDadjectiveThe OED
henotic #OEDadjectiveEric Hazard
Definition: tending to make one; unifying; reconciling, harmonizing. “@EricHazard: henotic #OEDadjective”The OED
@OEDonline Underused adjectives? "Shambolic," of course! Though "nebulous" is a close second. #OEDadjectiveHannah Herman
@OEDonline Obloquial – public blame or denunciation. #OEDadjectiveJeremy
.@OEDonline Callipygian #OEDadjectiveChristopher Akiki
Definition: of, pertaining to, or having well-shaped or finely developed buttocks. “@christopher: .@OEDonline Callipygian #OEDadjective”The OED
@brklib @oedonline fav under-used adjective: copasetic! #OEDadjectiveNicky Enriquez
@OEDonline Callow #OEDadjectiveVictoria Gausden
Avuncular RT @OEDonline: Nominate your favourite under-used adjective in a tweet using the hashtag #OEDadjectiveSeán Collins
@OEDonline discombobulated “disturbed, upset, disconcerted” #OEDadjectiveY Geiriadur
#OEDadjective most favourite under used adjective @OEDonline garrulous, talkative and out going.Serendipity Lovejoy
@OEDonline Favorite underused adjective? Definitely "antediluvian"! #OEDadjectiveSuchita Mandavilli
@OEDonline splenetic #OEDadjectiveEric Ware
@OEDonline Spiffy: Smart in appearance or dress; stylish #OEDadjectiveFiona Plunkett
Selcouth – unusual, strange #OEDadjectiveMike Carlucci
Selcouth can also mean marvellous or wonderful. “@mikecarlucci: Selcouth – unusual, strange #OEDadjective”The OED
@OEDonline Obumbrate. Also, flocculent. #OEDadjectiveNathan Ramsden
@OEDonline lambent #OEDadjectiveMacKenzie M. Outlund
@OEDonline #OEDadjective I just remembered an even better one. Tumultuous is often overlooked but such a tempestuous word. :)Fiona Plunkett
Underused adjective: Jentacular: of or relating to breakfast. #OEDadjectiveCarl Staniforth
@OEDonline crepuscular #OEDadjectiveChris ‘CTOP’
Definition: of or pertaining to twilight. “@Chris_CTOP: @OEDonline crepuscular #OEDadjective”The OED
@OEDonline Under-used adjectives: egregious. #OEDadjectiveGeoff Davis
@OEDonline. Mithering #OEDadjectiveGordon James
saturnalian #OEDadjectivehero fukutu
@oedonline mellifluous #OEDadjectiveJohn Racine
Garrulous @OEDonline #OEDadjectiveMarisa Sanders
Matutinal: of or related to morning. #OEDadjectiveBen Sisario
Marvellous adjective! “@sisario: Matutinal: of or related to morning. #OEDadjective”The OED
#OEDadjective Concupiscent. (Thank you Wallace Stevens.)James Callan
Thank you for sending in such mirabundous under-used adjectives! #OEDadjective (Mirabundous: obsolete adj. meaning wonderful.)The OED
@OEDonline I spent a train journey looking for a good word to describe the smell emanating from a fellow passenger. Mephitic? #OEDadjectiveHelen
@OEDonline allochthonous! #OEDadjectiveKara Woo
"Struthious" Quite useful for describing a certain type of long-necked, angular person. #OEDadjectiveRide Theory
Definition: resembling an ostrich MT @ridetheory Struthious: useful for describing a long-necked, angular person. #OEDadjective”The OED
Also, crepuscular. RT @shepherd_book #OEDadjective crapulous, and the associated crapulent. Not what they sound like.Elizabeth Rambo
#OEDadjective – rebarbativeNasser Hussain

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