Siri: Science Fiction Come True

A lot of people are disappointed by the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 right now. Well, except Android fanboys. Those guys are giddy, though I don’t really understand why; Apple was ahead of Google on Monday and I think they’re still ahead today, although it really comes down to a personal choice. I love my Nexus S, but at times the lure of the iPhone is pretty strong. The iPhone follows Apple’s model of “it just works” and although I can trick out my Android with Tasker, custom dialers, and widgets, it lacks the intangibles provided by a unified ecosystem.

Arguably the biggest feature, aside from iCloud which could be impressive if they pull it off, was the full integration of Siri into iOS. While there are some convincing arguments as to why Siri sounds like a lady, namely HAL, a part of me wishes Apple could have pulled a few strings and made it sound something like this: [youtube] After all, smarthphones are getting awfully close to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…

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