PAX East 1.0 – Sunday

Sunday was a shorter day at PAX for several reasons: fantasy baseball drafts that night and it was also a shorter schedule. 

I hit up the “Pitch Your Game Idea” panel – hilarious! The contest doesn’t take itself seriously, but the winner was “iDrag” an iPhone app where you drag race in the game by placing the phone on your dashboard and actually driving / racing against someone in meat space. Certainly would cause accidents, but the guy sold it really well. 

In the afternoon I teamed up with a friend and played in a Magic: The Gathering tournament. We had played Magic back in middle/high school and it was a blast from the past to play again. 

Overall, PAX was a great three days. I can’t wait for next year. Rumor has it they’ll be in the big convention center rather than the Hynes. Can PAX East outdo PAX Prime? 🙂

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